Ladies Auxiliary – Spring 2013

Dear Auxiliary Sisters:  Spring is here and it’s a time to reflect and renew on who we are and what we stand for. We all look at our own families and see how much we learn and change and adapt to an ever changing world. However, as an auxiliary member, it means we give just a little bit more of ourselves. We step outside the box and our comfort zones to allow us to help all – not just our family members but ALL in our military – active or not. I would again graciously like to thank the Post and its commander and members for supporting us and allowing us to do what we do.

Do you realize we are an all volunteer group? None of us get paid money to do what we do; it is done from the heart. Statistics have shown volunteering actually is healthy for you. Do you know someone that enjoys helping others, being a shoulder to lean on, making a few phone calls, mailing out a few letters, helping at one of our dinners. Volunteerism in America is at an all time high; why not suggest they join us. Every single thing we do helps others. This is also a fantastic networking tool to help yourself or others in anything and everything we do in our daily lives. Let Marge Bell or Judy Hamlin or any of your sisters know, we have applications we can mail or you can take an application with you. Simple as that.

Our dinners are the second Friday of every month, they are a great deal for only $7 which includes a salad and dessert and so much more. Remind those that may not know but our dinners ARE open to the public. To make things easier on scheduling and help we now have the menus through August!

March – Meatloaf – Weezie and Ann
April – Roast Beef – Phyllis
May – Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas – Weezie and Ann
June – Lasagna – Marilyn (who has graciously decided to cover for those of us who will be at convention – please if you are not at convention; give her your support!)
July – BBQ Ribs – Ann
August – Swiss Steak – Marge

So much coming up to do, State convention is June 5th-9th at Fort McDowell which has given us a really great rate on rooms for those that wish to attend. Please call and reserve soon. National convention has changed their dates a bit to July 20th-24th In Louisville, Kentucky. This is the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Ladies Auxiliary, a historic event.

Let us now focus on going forward, moving ahead to be the very best that each and every one of us can be. Without you, we couldn’t be.


Ann Tobin, your 2012-13 President