VA’s Million Veteran Program

All Veterans who are enrolled in the VA Healthcare System nationally are eligible to participate in a program that may lead to better prevention and treatment of illnesses commonly seen in Veterans. Participation is entirely voluntary and your access to healthcare or benefits is not affected by your decision to participate. MVP has extensive safeguards in place to keep Veterans’ information confidential.

The goal of MVP is to establish one of the largest databases of genes and health history with the assistance of as many as one million Veterans over the next five to seven years. Phoenix’s goal is to enroll 4,000 Veterans per year.

Participation in MVP involves 1. Filling out surveys through the mail. 2. Completing a one-time visit to provide a blood sample for genetic analysis at the Phoenix VA. This could be scheduled on the same day as another VA appointment. It will take about 20 minutes. 3. Permitting authorized MVP staff to access information in your medical record on an ongoing basis. 4. Agreeing to future MVP contact.

To learn more you can visit the MVP website at or call toll-free 866-441-6075. To enroll, stop by the Phoenix VA Clinical Research Center in Building 21 just north of the VA hospital on 7th Street.

Bill Talcott
Hospital Chairman