Ladies Auxiliary – Fall 2013

As some of you know, we have started a new year with new officers.  And for those of you that do not know, I am your new President – Weezie Burrell.

We have some great gals doing wonderful work so far, with the year just getting started. We also have some wonderful ideas for the new year.  For instance, Ann Tobin and myself are now co-chairing our efforts with Cancer Aid & Research.

We have the squares cut out and the size of the quilt will fit a California King sized bed.  Each square will be sold at $5.00 a square and once the tickets are made out, we will distribute them for the drawing to win this beautiful quilt.  To purchase a ticket, stop by the post or contact me through the post and we can submit a ticket on your behalf.

Americanism is going well with Noreen chairing this effort and National Home.  We are getting a huge box again stuffed with goodies for kids up there in Eaton Rapids which will be sent before Christmas this year.  Tamela and I are co-chairing VOC and Patriots Pen.  Before long, we are going to the schools to introduce ourselves and handing them the correct packet to see if we can get more participation this year.

We have already had our District meeting in Black Canyon City, and the next one will be held in Tempe on November 3rd.

I am proud of all of our sisters and what compassionate hard work they put into what they are doing.  Fern Neaumann is again our wonderful Chaplain (and please let her know if someone is sick, a family member is graduating and so forth). Phillis Herman is our Historian this year, so please let her know if you have information pertaining to dates or events.  Any hospital hours can be credited through Sherry Nealand.

Seriously… if you have any questions about what’s going on with Ladies Auxiliary, please pick up the phone and call one of us.  And remember, above anything else, we are here for our Veterans and those that are still fighting and protecting our country.  So we must always keep them in our heart – so if you know someone that could use a care package, please do not hesitate to let me know and we’ll get it right out.

I know that together we will have a great year!

Weezie Burrell