Ladies Auxiliary – Summer 2014


Please allow me to thank you for electing me your president for 2014 – 2015.  I look forward to working with each of you as we help our veterans and their families throughout the coming year.  With our National President’s theme of “Patriotism Begins at Home” and our Department President’s theme of “Be a Voice for Our Veterans”, I believe we can work to achieve all goals set for us.  I encourage each of you to start thinking about ways to show your patriotism (I KNOW you’ve got some in you!) and in what ways you’ll use your voice to honor and preserve the dignity and care our veterans deserve.

A brief introduction may be necessary.  My name is Tamela Hyatt Jasmann and I joined Auxiliary 9400 in October of 2010 at the ripe age of 50.  My eligibility is through my father, Naval Pilot (Air Antisubmarine) Cmdr. Charles Edward Hyatt.  My father served two tours in Vietnam in the mid-60s.  At the time of his death in August 1973, my dad was serving as the commander of his squadron aboard ship stationed in the Mediterranean.  I miss him to this day.  I have one son, Kyle Edward Hyatt, and two grandchildren, Octavious and Bellatrix (proof the younger generation is very creative with names!).  I married a wonderful man, Scott Jasmann, in February 2013 – a first marriage for me; had to find the very right one…even if it took 50 years to find him!  This is why I’m fond of saying I lived my life backwards; child, college, grandkids, marriage!  I have been, in this lifetime so far, a licensed cosmetologist, a New Accounts and ATM Services banker and an academic adviser for the Honors Program at NAU.  I am currently an apartment manager for a small seven-unit complex in Glendale.  I am a true Navy-brat; I learned early and young that change is never a bad thing!

As for our Auxiliary work in the coming months, of course we will continue with the monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 PM.  I encourage you all to join us as we decide how to run our programs: Veterans and Family Support, Americanism, Cancer Aid and Research, Hospital, Membership, Scholarships and Youth Activities – there is something sure to interest all in your pursuit of aiding our veterans and their families!  We will also have our monthly Auxiliary dinners on the second Tuesday of each month.  Come sample some delicious food and share social time with friends.  Dinners are held between 5 and 7 PM.  For salad, dinner and desert it’s only $7.00!

Arizona State Convention is June 4 – 8 this year at Fort McDowell/Radisson.  Please visit the department website at for further information.  The sisters of Auxiliary 9400 will be hosting all dads for a Father’s Day Breakfast on June 15th from 10 AM to noon at the post.  Bring all the fathers in your life and come celebrate the men who make our lives so very special!  The post will be hosting an open house on July 4th, Independence Day, from noon till??  Again a celebration (!) this time for our nation!  When you join us, bring your favorite side dish.

Finally, we have gone digital!  The post newsletter is now available online only.  In the coming months keep an eye on your snail mail for a request for information update.  We need your email and address for this transition to work.  Some of our sisters do not have or do not use computers, we need to know who you are so that we can try to make arrangements to get a paper copy of the newsletter to you.  From this newsletter forward, all newsletters will be posted at which will always give you easy access to the latest information.

I pray we all have a successful year and that our Auxiliary thrives!  Whether you are looking for friends who understand, programs to work that satisfy your need to give, or can simply bake a cake for a dinner, WE NEED YOU!  There IS a place for you here with us, consider recommitting to the Auxiliary and to our veterans.  Big and small, we can all do something.

In sisterly love,

Tamela Jasmann