Commander’s Corner – Winter 2014

Winter is rapidly approaching and my year as Post Commander has nearly reached the half-way point. In assessing the results of my recruiting activity to this point, I have come to realize that it cannot be a one man endeavor. There are times when several vets ask for advice, request information about the claims process or express an interest in joining our organization. It is difficult when only one Post 9400 rep is present and the opportunity to recruit potential new members may be lost. Post member Mark Short has volunteered to help at the recruiting table when time permits. Several post members have helped out from time to time including Marcus Tillis, Charlie Walters, Bill Talcott, Joe Jader, Earl Thurston and Kevin Haegele.

Most volunteer for a few hours here and there and sometimes nearly all day while waiting for a scheduled appointment. It allows us to use our time more efficiently and help more veterans. I want to thank you all.

This is only part of the picture. Every member of our post should be ready to recruit where ever they may be. We will need to contact annual members who have not yet paid their dues for the ensuing year. Let’s not pass up the opportunity to “close the back door” and retain more members.

We are continuing to grow our relationship with the Phoenix Sunny Slope Community Center Youth Basketball League. Team members helping out around the post home has been a benefit to the post and the youngsters.

VFW Post 9400 has welcomed American Legion Post 75 and its Auxiliaries to our post until they are able to find a suitable facility for their new post home. It will give us an opportunity to fill in the down time during the week and on weekends with additional dining opportunities as well as increase business in the lounge. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Our schedule has been augmented with new activities as well as recurring ones. The Post 9400 Calendar of Events will continue to be posted to our website and email notification will go out to all on our email roster. The next planning meeting will be held in February (date and time TBA).

The last quarter has been extremely busy for all of us. I have attended all Department Councils of Administration, the District 4 meeting in Black Canyon City, participated in the Post Veterans Day Poppy Drive and continued to recruit at the Phoenix VA. I believe that our post and its members, having achieved All-State and All-American status in the past, have demonstrated determination and resolve to be the “best in the state.” Whether it becomes a reality this year or not we will build on what we have learned and I know we will continue to strive for both honors next year and into the future. Thank you all for what you have accomplished thus far during my year as commander.

Post and Auxiliary members are invited to join the Cooties and Cuties at their future Dog Races and Shells & Bones events.

I look forward to seeing you at the rest of the Post meetings during my term as commander. Thanks to each of you for what you do for our veterans, their families and our community. Let us pray that the need to create new fighting men and women diminishes but let us thank those who continue to answer the call to service and pray for their safety.

Yours in Comradeship

Chris Kanios – Commander

VFW Post 9400